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Welcome to Sanondaf London Central.

My name is Gary Goodfellow and I am the owner/operator of this Sanondaf franchise covering most of Central London EC postcodes and Islington. As a local resident, living in the heart of the area, I’ll always be close at hand and be able to respond to enquiries very quickly.

Utilising our unique, “DRY, with no residue”, touch-less process, we are able to eradicate 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria, including MRSA, Influenza, E-coli, H1N1, Norovirus & Salmonella, among many others. As well as combating viruses and bacteria, our process is also highly effective against moulds and fungi and helps eliminates foul odours. The treatment process can often be completed in less than an hour and the areas treated can be usable 30 minutes after the completion of our service, meaning minimal downtime, which can be an invaluable feature in a live operating environment such as a hospital or residential care facility.

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22 St Philip HouseLloyd Baker StreetClerkenwellLondonWC1X 9BD


07495 361844

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